I’m baaaacccckkkk….

Phew! After brushing the 1 inch thick dust off my Sims creating machine, I’m back! I recently completed a very complicated Sims 1 build (it’s hard mashing manly and girly!) that totally inspired me to create something within the same theme….Boy Meets Girl! In this set you have two chairs (the mesh is by the awesome Ella Sims) one in a feminine pattern, one in a masculine pattern. Along with the chairs, there are complementary rugs:

Boy Meets Girl Preview
Boy Meets Girl In Game Preview


Take a peek at my Sims build on CTO Sims 🙂




About time…

Hey all –

It’s been forever since I’ve updated – RL, always getting in the way! Anywho, I’m sick of winter already and cannot wait for warmer weather – that was the inspiration for these little sets. Each one includes* a chair, stool, and 3 rugs (1×2, 2×2, 2×3):

Surf Set Fire

Download Fire

Surf Set Azure

Download Azure


*The plant in each pic is part of the Striped Plant Pack that you can find here.

PS – Be sure to check around the Sims community for another version 🙂

Moongoddess aka BrownieGirl aka Jenn 🙂

Ahhhhh Summer…

Hola –

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update! Pesky RL getting in the way :). Summer is in full swing and I have an Outdoor Summer Dining Set for you all. This set was originally some lovely Sims 2 meshes that I converted to Sims 1:

In Game Pic:

Snag the set here

Happy November!

Hello Sims 1 fans!

I recently started converting Sims 2 meshes to Sims 1 and have been on a downloading frenzy for Sims 2 items that I (and I’m sure others!) would love to see in Sims 1. Without further ado, I have the following Sims 2 to Sims 1 conversion sets for your downloading pleasure! The original Sims 2 set was created by OM @ Avalon. Here is my Sims 1 version of the original and 4 retextures 🙂


Enjoy – Jenn

Quick Announcement…

Just wanted to drop a quick line to let everyone know that I created another blog, Wicked Pixels, for a different passion of mine, creating custom Paint Shop Pro resources. I only have two small custom brush sets to start, but look for custom textures and more brushes soon!.



September Goodies

Happy September All!

I have two updates for you all, the Tanner Surface Set and the Salvage Table Lamp Set:

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Click on each set name to download.


Brownie G.

Black and White

Happy August Simmers!

I have a few updates this month to share with all the TS1 fans out there – The Authority Bath sets in black and white, and the Plant Pack 2 (black and white):

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The Authority Bath sets include a working sink, mirror, and bench.

Click each link below to download:

Authority Black Bath

Authority White Bath

Plant Pack 2


Brownie G.

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